AW: exponentials to sines and cosines

Discussion in 'Mathematica' started by Matthias.Bode, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. Hello Will,

    ExpToTrig[(1 + E^(x + (-1)^(1/3)*x) + E^((-1)^(1/3)*x +

    does the trick:

    (Cosh[(-1)^(1/3)*x] - Sinh[(-1)^(1/3)*x])*(1 + Cosh[x + (-1)^(1/3)*x] +
    Cosh[(-1)^(1/3)*x + (-1)^(2/3)*x] + Sinh[x + (-1)^(1/3)*x] +
    Sinh[(-1)^(1/3)*x + (-1)^(2/3)*x])

    Best regards,

    Matthias Bode.

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    Von: Will Self [mailto:]
    Gesendet: Freitag, 18. Juli 2003 11:25
    Betreff: exponentials to sines and cosines

    1. How do I get Mathematica to rewrite (-1)^(1/3) in standard rectangular

    2. The following function was returned by Mathematica as the solution of a
    differential equation. This function is real. How do I get Mathematica to
    write it in terms of Sines and Cosines?

    f[x_]=(1 + E^(x + (-1)^(1/3)*x) + E^((-1)^(1/3)*x + (-1)^(2/3)*x))/

    Matthias.Bode, Jul 19, 2003
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