Check my math - electric cars and the grid

Discussion in 'Basic Math' started by UmYeah, May 20, 2022.

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    May 20, 2022
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    I set out for a rough number on how much electricity the USA needs for a 100% electric cars.

    The answer is a little shocking and hard to believe, it's basic math, with huge numbers and kW's, if there's a mistake, I don't see it.

    My input numbers are what I found "on the web" and are in the ballpark of the range I found in my searches.

    Is there an error here?

    Average 1 month total electricity generation in the USA:
    4.1TerraWatts / 12 = 342,000,000kW

    Average 1 month total miles driven in the USA:
    3.3 Trillion / 12 = 275,000,000,000

    Average kilowatts to move an electric vehicle 1 mile:

    Total kW needed for 1 month of electric vehicle travel:

    Assume 0% currently goes to charge EV's
    342,000,000kW is currently generated/used each month

    95,150,000,000kW additional is needed to charge EV's

    In total, we need to generate 95,492,000,000kW each month.
    We currently generate 342,000,000kW

    We need to increase generating/delivery capacity by 27,822%

    Current capacity x 279 = enough kW to power a 100% EV America?
    UmYeah, May 20, 2022
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