Does anyone know how I could get ODS PDF and ANNO to use paper size =A3 and orientation = Landscape.

Discussion in 'SAS (Statistical Analysis Software)' started by Deb C, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Deb C

    Deb C Guest

    I am trying to fit 9 different graphs (3x3 grid format) using ODS PDF and ANNO on an A3 size paper in landscape. I have tried using the following combinations of GOPTIONS and OPTIONS.

    goptions reset=all;
    goptions device=gif;
    goptions xpixels=1200 ypixels=1000;
    goptions display;
    goptions noborder;
    goptions papersize=A3;
    options leftmargin=0.05;
    options rightmargin=0.05;
    options topmargin=0.05;
    options bottommargin=0.05;
    options orientation=landscape;

    Also tried changing Tools -->Options-->Results-->Results General-->Results Formats to PDF.

    But SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2 doesn't seem to use just the A3 size paper in landscape. It generates two different pdf files with the output. One is an A4 size portrait and the other is an A3 size landscape but with the output of the A4 size portrait on it. This makes the graphs on the A3 paper in landscape look tiny.

    Is there a way to get the output to fit a A3 size paper with the orientation set to landscape?
    Deb C, Feb 16, 2011
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  2. Deb C

    Ya Guest

    Options statement has to precede the Goptions statement:

    options papersize=A3 orientation=landscape;
    ods listing close;
    ods pdf file="c:\temp\junk.pdf";

    goptions device=sasprtc;
    proc gplot data=sashelp.class;
    plot weight*height;

    ods _all_ close;

    Above code generate a pdf file of size 11.69 X 16.53 inches.


    Ya, Feb 16, 2011
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