Fourier equation and getting out of memory error tia sal22

Discussion in 'MATLAB' started by Rick T, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Rick T

    Rick T Guest

    Fourier equation and out of memory error tia sal22
    Sorry is this got posted twice my posts seem not to be showing up in
    some groups...usenet gremlins again

    Greetings All

    I can get this matalb script to work and plot when I set
    But when I set x=linspace(0,1,44100); I get a mtimes out of memory
    which I narrowed down to the large array size in the C and S variables

    Can someone recommend a way for this code to work without running
    into memory errors? I tried going the fft route but the signal would
    never match up.

    The plot looks great I just would like to:
    1) not have a memeory error issue if I set x=linspace(0,1,44100); or
    another large number in there.
    2) Would like to compare the the y array to the ynew array and get a
    percentage of error is this possible?

    See working code below:

    t1 = tic; %start timer to see how long it takes to process

    % DFT in a compact implementation using matrix math faster
    % Enter Data in y

    % Compute the matrices of trigonometric functions
    % Compute Fourier Coefficients

    % Reconstruct Signal - pmax is number of frequencies used in
    increasing order

    %pmax=5; %should be all the columns in C or S or less to decrease


    % % Plot Data
    % Plot reconstruction over data
    hold on
    hold off
    toc(t1) %stops timer and tells how long it took to run
    Rick T, Sep 3, 2010
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  2. Rick T

    Greg Heath Guest

    '1. Close existing plots'

    close all
    '2: ERROR: t1 = tic is invalid syntax'

    '3: Nonoptimal choice of x and wt. Will get spectral'
    ' leakage into other frequency bins'

    '4: Use y = 1 + sin(wt) + cos(2*wt) to make sure you'
    ' handle DC correctly'
    '5. ERROR: use (n-1)'
    '6. Switch (n-1) and (p-1) to premultiply y'
    '7. n is the time index; use Ap and Bp'
    '8. Similary for An(1) '
    '9. Display spectral leakage due to choice of time window'

    display([An' Bn'])
    '10: Wrapped comment error ... use shorter lines;'
    ' e.g., 55 characters is good'
    '11: Wrapped comment error'
    '12: Choosing pmax = 5 will INCREASE the size of the equation.'
    ' However, it will eliminate most of the spectral leakage '
    ' in other bins caused by the nonoptimal choice of time window.'
    '13. ynew is a column vector'

    dy = abs(y-ynew'); % absolute error
    MAE = mean(dy) % 7.2292e-015 mean-absolute-error
    MXE = max(dy) % 3.4195e-014 maximum-absolute-error
    RMSE = sqrt(mean(dy.^2)) % 9.5049e-015 root-mean-sqare-error

    '14. For pmax = N/2+1:'

    [Amax maxpA] = max(An) % [ 1.0032 3 ] % error due to leakage
    [Bmax maxpB] = max(Bn) % [ 0.99515 2 ] % error due to leakage

    dy1 = abs( C:),4:end)*An(4:end)'+S:),4:end)*Bn(4:end)' );

    MAE = mean(dy1) % 0.012452 mean-absolute-error
    MXE = max(dy1) % 0.069252 maximum-absolute-error
    RMSE = sqrt(mean(dy1.^2)) % 0.016299 root-mean-sqare-error

    '15: Initialize figure'

    '16. ERROR: toc(t1) is invalid syntax'


    '17. It would be very helpful if you made sure that your'
    'posted code will run when cut and pasted into an m-file.'

    'Hope this helps.'

    Greg Heath, Sep 3, 2010
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  3. Rick T

    Rick T Guest

    ok I took your advice about the wrapping and
    the spectral leakage. Along with
    generating the correct combination
    of periodic function and time window.

    Aloha and thanks again for you help
    Rick T, Sep 4, 2010
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