give me maths calculating problems.BBC BASIC64.SeriCalc4S.

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    pgms1..donpgms.txt .Pgms.PGMS1.sysacapps

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    22.01.04 23:12

    give me maths calculating problems.BBC BASIC64.SeriCalc4S.

    sci.math,nz.general,comp.sys.acorn.apps,alt.math.recreati onal
    on-line encyclopedia of integer sequences.

    If you have a problem concerning research/maths calculating e.g.
    I may be able to recommend one of the (following) programs.

    email me immediately or post. (100 LINES plaintext please.)
    I may be able to reply in 3 days. At least let you know
    if I have tackled that sort of calc.

    I will snail mail a 3.5 in floppy diskette
    in your desired format, Acorn 1.6MB etc.


    enquiries regarding / help with / copies of-
    any of these files or BBC BASIC64 programs
    please ring ring +64 (4 ) 389 6820. call minder.

    I desire to release my programs freely public domain.

    previous upload programsPD

    LotoDaBase.PackdDir, etc.

    tFileName is often a t.ext version of prog.

    most files are Acorn / txt / Qbasic or / BBC. BASIC V-64.

    toshiba T-2100 laptop 486 Win95,
    Acorn A4000/A5000, Risc OS 3.11 ( 1993.)

    REM > DonMcD.Pgms.ProgramsPD.Descript1, n.b. pt1.###
    23/5/1995. 27.07.96, 03.11.96

    many programs have undergone continuous upgrade
    or numerous programs subsequently added. (2004.)

    Programs package, by Don McDonald. "ProgramsPD".
    Upload to 'The Bridge' BBS, Wellington N.Z.

    Unpack with PackDir, available from BBS.
    (If compressed set type of archive to PackDDir.
    Drag to PackDir on icon bar?)

    (63/*3 Hut chi son Rd, Wellington2, New Zealand. PH: 64 +4 + 389 6820.)

    CSD .pgms.programspd

    20/80 (Basic)
    Calculate odds of lower tier lottery prizes,
    Lotto 6/40, Keno 20/80, etc.

    a2p-0 (Basic)
    Factorise Mersenne (Prime?) numbers.

    a2p999 (Basic)
    Factorise Generalised Mersenne nos., a^p+-b^n, base 1000.

    Abundaint (BASIC).
    Artificial intelligence A.I. numbers program.
    You can ask for Primes, Perfects, Odds, Squares,
    (or SquareFrees), Abundants, Multiperfects, (Booleans),
    and starting anywhere.

    ANALOGX (Basic)
    Analogue and digital clock. Sweep Second hand. Time adjust.

    BirthRanLi. BirthWhite Birthtext (Basic.)
    Personalised Birthday Cake/Card.
    Teletext colour graphics. BBC Basic 2. !Host 65 or Bas V.
    Enter first name, age, day.month. Maximum 30 items of data.
    "B'day" standard. Randomises & repeats the order of lines of data.

    BodyMsIndx (BASIC).
    Your Healthy weight.
    'Body Mass index' is the ratio kilogrammes wt/ metres tall squared.
    If your BMI is above 25 number, you could be overweight.
    Flexible input including stones, lbs, kgs, feet, inches, cm,
    metres, (mixed.) Numerical and graphical display.

    CR290DA (Data)
    Data file for Program SelfTst..
    Data concepts, Intro Business Computing course.

    Descript/ Descript1. (text)
    Descript is this file that you may be reading now.
    It describes the programs and text files in ProgramsPD.


    DISPFIL (Basic)
    Display contents of file. Integers, Reals, Strings.

    EgyptianF (Basic)
    Egyptian fractions
    (math representations as sums of unit fractions, 1/n.)

    EVENTSV .. events etc.. (basic)
    "Brick wall" diary of calendar/church events.
    Print address labels, etc.

    Factorise an integer or numeric expression,
    reducing to a positive integer (max greater than 2E9).
    Into prime factors, including repeat prime factors.

    FACTORS (Basic)

    BigNum.facthcff (BASIC 64.)
    factorise integers bigger than 2E9. (5 byte reals, 2^52. etc.)
    includes sample numbers.
    Pgm c241Q (2004) now factors many numbers, 1E15+3, etc.

    Help1 (Text 10k).
    Text help for calculator program SeriCalc3./SeriCalc4 S.

    ILIKEPI (text.)
    Article on calculating pi to 15 decimal places, e.g. circle arc series.
    Mnemonics, References.

    Ken20dd80 (Basic)
    Calculate odds and returns (~60 %) of all NZ Keno 20/80 groups.

    KEPLER3 (Basic)
    Show (circular) orbits of several/selected solar system planets.

    Article about linear regression program "PLOTPref".

    MNPHASWGTN (Basic)
    Moon Phases from Wellington, New Zealand. Illustration.

    MONEIL3 (Basic)
    R-th root scaled (non-linear) graphs of road toll, deaths, injuries
    (dissimilar scales, friendly numbers on axes.)

    PI314 (BASIC VI, etc.)
    Calculate pi, as done by Isaac Newton and similarly by Don McDonald.
    (Min. 15 decimal places.)

    PLOTPREF (Basic)
    Linear regression plot y- against- x, preferred numbers on axes.
    Scatter plot, fit straight line, equation, predicted, residuals.
    (e.g. PlotHydro, 2004.)

    POWER (Basic.)
    Solve Fermats Last Theorem(?). ABC Conjecture.
    x^a + y^b = z^c.

    PrimeCabi (BASIC.)
    Find factors up to 92,681 = SQR(2^33.) of ..
    Test vast numbers e.g. 2E18 and higher
    (Worlds largest known prime nos.)
    or c * a^b +i, where c,a,b, (-)i < 2E9.

    PRIMEPRTV1 (Basic)
    Number Theory program. Calculate 'primitive roots' of primes.

    Primes (BASIC).
    Primes and count primes. Starting anywhere.
    Input number or expression.

    "Profile" (BASIC.)
    Find personal properties of integers, including square,
    square root, log, sum of squares, factors, reciprocal,
    ctd fraction. Starting anywhere and continuing successively.

    PrtvRoots (Basic)
    Primitive roots, number theory.

    Printout Calculator for BBC model-B Micro.
    (Archimedes use SeriCalc4S, far developed.)

    SELFTSTbst (Basic)
    SelfTest (Best), learning quiz program.
    Books of Bible, Data concepts, type in, store.
    Prompt Question? Answer xxx.
    One mark for each correct letter (CAPS).
    Repeat, review, scoreboard, learn, test, speed, etc.

    SeriCalc3 (BASIC V, VI.)
    Math calculator, 40 functions.
    Combinations, primes, printout, divisors, abundants,
    number-theory, DIV-MODs, base conversions, comma 000,
    Poisson distribution, continued fractions, powers, etc.

    SERICalC4S (Basic)
    Latest Sep (1996-2004) scientific mathematical combination
    number theory calculator. Optional printout/ task edit.

    S.outhern He.misphere M.oon a.t S.unset, D.ays A.fter N.ew.
    Phase and position of Moon, Altitude- Azimuth.
    New, Crescent, Quarter, Gibbous, Full. (Mode 0 graphical disp.)

    SIEV7/8911 (Basic)
    Primes [option Factors] up to 900 million, Archimedes.
    Store to disk (option). Sieve. Setup. Start anywhere.
    See Beeblet, newsletter BBC/ Acorn Computer User Group NZ Inc.
    (Twin primes, prime triplets etc., the Black Key sieve.)

    SpCLOCKAr (Text. spooled)
    Article on Modular (clock/ remainder) arithmetic.
    Used in mathematics for proving large prime numbers. Factors.

    SPTEMP (Data?)
    For programs SelfTst, DispFil.

    STARCLU02 (Basic)
    Dynamical simulation of whirligig orbits of globular star cluster,
    25 x 1 solar mass stars. Colour graphic simulation.

    storeconst (Basic)
    Calculator. E.g. C.onstant(314) = PI = 3.14,159...

    SUNSTAR (Basic)
    Random sun plot. Yellow stars on blue sky. (compare dandelions)
    Enter birthdate, random number, name. Star pattern.

    TENNIS (Basic 2)
    Championship tennis scoreboard. Analysis of service strengths etc.
    Writeup in Beeblet paper magazine. (Chris Lewis).

    testoscli1 (Basic)
    Test operating system command line.
    Change directories, load objects.
    Compare !Interword, friendly loading and saving.

    TypEnvp9cm (Basic)
    Type envelopes, Typewriter.
    Line by line type out, indent, address envelopes, etc.

    WIPER1 (Basic)

    WIPERS (Basic)
    Rain on windscreen. 2 programs. Colour, rivulets, coalesce, wind..

    ANALOGX1 WR/ Astronomy D/ CDSTAR01 LWR/
    ClockArith D/ HARMONY D/ HlthyWght D/
    LPRINTQBAS WR/ Prime D/ ProgramsPD D/
    StonWalTxt D/ testoscli1 WR/ TypeWriter D/

    moved pgms.maths
    created new folders
    programspd.keno80 (odds, probability..)
    programspd.learngtest (Selftest.)

    *h. count
    Syntax: *Count <file spec> [<options>]
    *count * r v
    Don McDonald, Jan 22, 2004
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