Has anyone done any thumbnail computations as to how many US Federal (& Military & State) Civil Serv

Discussion in 'Recreational Math' started by Max Power, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Max Power

    Max Power Guest

    Has anyone done any thumbnail computations as to how many US Federal (&
    Military & State) Civil Servants are collecting double and triple pensions
    (and holding more than one government job at a time)?

    It has to be costing the US taxpayer a minimum of 100,000,000,000 USD/YEAR
    (moving average, ~3yr)...
    * Yes, I wrote $100 Billion USD ($100 Thousand Millions USD), as in global
    * Not X Billion = X 'Million Millions' as in pure math.

    I understand that double and triple dipping is common as one goes up the
    ranks in the US Federal and the state's civil servant bureaucracy.
    * If you don't have 3 or 4 properly placed relatives in government jobs,
    federal employment is impossible to get in the US.
    * People with relatives in positions of power in the private sector trade
    jobs with each others relatives all the time in the US, but it is not
    labeled corruption.
    Max Power, Dec 5, 2006
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  2. The only humble servants that I've know to do that are big wig
    William Elliot, Dec 5, 2006
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  3. Max Power

    Felicis Guest

    Howdy from a former federal employee (Army):

    Not I - but it seems you have - what numbers did you use? [To get:
    That's a lot- and, if it were correct, would be reason for some
    righteous anger. But is it correct?
    to hold more than one position - but I think federal law prevents
    taking more than one paycheck- and pensions can only be 'double-dipped'
    under a fairly specific set of circumstances (again, by federal law) -
    for example; a vet with a medical pension can hold a federal job and
    collect his pension and his pay- and eventually both pensions. (Or so
    I have heard- I don't know from personal experience).
    Join the military, peace corps, foreign service or any of the dozens of
    other jobs available - your statement is simply incorrect.
    It is called nepotism and is not illegal in the private sector, but it
    is certainly looked askance at in federal service (with the exception
    of political appointees - in which case it is generally expected, but
    those positions are rarely held beyond the term of the administration
    in which they begin- so no opportunity for a pension. They are also
    rarely 'double-dip' positions in that politicians passing them out have
    a lot of favors to pay back and wouldn't waste two appointments on a
    single person).

    I will say that I have just spent a fruitless half-hour trying to find
    even an estimate for how much the federal pension system pays out every
    year. However- given 5 million employees with an average income of
    around 40k, the federal payroll is probably around 200 billion per
    year. I can see the *entire* pension costing about half that, but to
    claim that it is all wasted seems a bit extreme to me. (Not that it
    *isn't*, I just want to see a little more of your reasoning). In the
    meantime, I am going to fire off an email to my representative and see
    what he has to say.

    Felicis, Dec 5, 2006
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