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    Jan 11, 2023
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    Maybe the best way to introduce myself is with some math,

    I'm a huge fan of the Fibonacci sequence, it's really what cultivated my passion for math. I've been considering the algebraic equation of it and wanting to compare it to the sequence itself to see where it really diverges and by how much. It was interesting thinking about how to compare the two for very small changes, which didn't seem possible for a sequence on first glance, but if we assume the curvature between each two terms n & n - 1 is semi-circular, (because that's how it looks in visual representations, I'm really not overthinking anything here) we can super-impose a circle along those points and while that may not be the correct formula, at least it gives us values of the terms that actually approach the sequential values unlike the regression. This would be awesome for numerical analysis though.

    Or maybe the regression doesn't even diverge and it's just a limitation of the calculations of phi, I don't know. But I will have to finish my python program to find out. (don't spoil it for me)
    MediumYam, Jan 13, 2023
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