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Discussion in 'SPSS' started by freed haliya, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. freed haliya

    freed haliya Guest

    Error. Command name: GET FILE

    i can't access my document plz solve my problem plz any clue.......
    freed haliya, Jan 3, 2012
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  2. freed haliya

    Rich Ulrich Guest

    Okay. The error message says that the file is not recognized
    by SPSS as an SPSS .sav file.

    Therefore -- if the file used to be okay, it has been corrupted.
    Did you ever read it successfully in the past?

    If you did not create it yourself as a .sav file, and you have
    never read it, then there is a moderate chance that it never
    was an SPSS .sav file. Where did it come from?

    I've run into the case where someone thought that they could
    make something into a file-type that they needed by altering
    the file extension. That only works in some special cases.

    A proper SPSS .sav file starts with some identifiers. You should
    be able to use a simple editor to check it. Does the file start with
    something that includes "SPSS"?

    I just now tested, and WordPad opened a 6 MB picture file for me.
    Online docs say that WordPad has no size limits. Do make sure you
    Exit without trying to save, whenever you look at a non-text file.
    Rich Ulrich, Jan 4, 2012
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