how to express some terms in terms other terms symbolically?

Discussion in 'MATLAB' started by walala, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. walala

    walala Guest

    Dear all,

    I want to ask how to express the following terms into the form of (x1+x8),
    (x1-x8), (x2+x7), (x2-x7), etc. This is variable substitution. How can do
    this manipulation in matlab symbolically?

    [ a01*x1+a02*x2+a03*x3+a04*x4+a04*x5+a03*x6+a02*x7+a01*x8]
    [ a05*x1+a06*x2+a07*x3+a08*x4-a08*x5-a07*x6-a06*x7-a05*x8]
    [ a09*x1+a10*x2-a11*x3-a12*x4-a12*x5-a11*x6+a10*x7+a09*x8]
    [ a13*x1-a14*x2-a15*x3-a16*x4+a16*x5+a15*x6+a14*x7-a13*x8]
    [ a17*x1-a18*x2-a19*x3+a20*x4+a20*x5-a19*x6-a18*x7+a17*x8]
    [ a21*x1-a22*x2+a23*x3+a24*x4-a24*x5-a23*x6+a22*x7-a21*x8]
    [ a25*x1-a26*x2+a27*x3-a28*x4-a28*x5+a27*x6-a26*x7+a25*x8]
    [ a29*x1-a30*x2+a31*x3-a32*x4+a32*x5-a31*x6+a30*x7-a29*x8]

    Thank you!

    walala, Jan 22, 2004
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