How to find the proportion of thing 1 to thing 2

Discussion in 'Basic Math' started by Xal'naga, Nov 23, 2022.

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    Nov 23, 2022
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    Hello Math Wizards

    I am not good at math and could desperately use your help. I need to find out what the proportion is of one object to another.

    In the Original design, the object sizes are as follows:
    Vertical band: 1.38" by .24"
    Outer circle: .55" x .55"
    Inner circle (logo): .41" x .41"

    In the Enlarged design, the object sizes are as follows:
    Vertical band: 2.38" x .44"
    Outer circle: 1.1" x 1.1"
    Inner circle (logo): .8" x .8"

    I know my proportions are all messed up. It was the best I could do by eyeballing it.

    Showing how you got to your answer would be extremely helpful as I will need to apply what I learn from this post to dozens of other labels. This label, for example, will need to be increased in size as well as decreased in size (keeping all proportions (ratios?) the same) depending on the size product. It could be an 8oz bottle of lotion or a 5mL bottle of face serum.

    Thank you in advanced for your help. <3

    P.S. I would like the circles to be bigger in the Original design (proportionally to the vertical band) and the circles a bit smaller proportionally in the Enlarged design.

    Original.jpg Enlarged.jpg
    Xal'naga, Nov 23, 2022
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