how to generate random numbers in a range with a fixed average value ?

Discussion in 'Probability' started by B.Y., Sep 4, 2008.

  1. B.Y.

    jer0en Guest

    too bad it doesn't have a random function
    jer0en, Sep 5, 2008
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  2. B.Y.

    illywhacker Guest

    If the OP does not care about the distribution (e.g. that it be
    uniform on the intersection of the hyperplane and the n-cube),except
    that the points must be able to lie anywhere in [0, L], then can he
    not just sample uniformly from the n-cube, and then project to the
    hyperplane in some way? For example, if the sum of the sample is less
    than that required, take the intersection with the hyperplane of the
    line from the sample to (1, 1...1), while if it is greater, take the
    intersection with the hyperplane of the line from the sample to (0,

    Or: after generating m samples, let S_{m} be their sum. Let S = nA be
    the sum desired. Let T = min {L, S - S_{m}}. Generate the next sample
    uniformly from [0, T].

    illywhacker, Sep 5, 2008
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  3. B.Y.

    jer0en Guest

    it may seem that it does not feel confident to reply to any of the comments
    I have made in this post.

    but it would stand to reason that, instead, it is trying to replace
    mathematics with a phony digital variety, shutting out by ignoring anyone
    who cares to disagree with its sophisticated logic, and who does not appear
    susceptible to being convinced by it being so deliberately.

    like in other fields it has been replacing transistors, resistors and
    capacitors up to soda pop and scouring sponges with fakes, not mentioning
    media, media content and media content players like the PC, which may
    currently be programmed only if you cannot trace the exact behaviour, which
    is protected by law.

    if you like a resumee, it appears to be aiming to perturb, starve and
    overtake humanity by replacing all things real with simulations, digitally
    where possible, but all either poisoned or plain inedible, while pretending
    to be feasting on it itself.

    basicly I suspect that we are dealing with a known here.
    jer0en, Sep 5, 2008
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