How to increase number of iterations?

Discussion in 'MATLAB' started by jacy, May 28, 2006.

  1. jacy

    jacy Guest

    Hi, while trying to solve equations with unknowns using fsolve, I
    encounter this problem:

    Conditioning of Gradient Poor - Switching To LM method
    Maximum number of iterations exceeded
    Increase OPTIONS.iterations

    How to increase options.iterations in the following program??
    for instance:

    x0=[.5 .5 .5 .5 .5]; % initial guess of m, A, T, ws, wu
    options = optimset('Largescale', 'off', 'maxfunevals', 100000000);
    %switch off large-scale algorithm
    val = fsolve('fun3',x0,options); % calls the function 'fun3', i.e the
    necessary and sufficient conditions (5 equations)

    jacy, May 28, 2006
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  2. options.iterations will have no effect on any
    tool in the optimization toolbox.

    However, had you typed


    at the command line, you might see a reference
    to "maxiter". I'll bet it might do what you

    John D'Errico
    John D'Errico, May 28, 2006
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