How to plot contour with contour lines data

Discussion in 'MATLAB' started by Cristian D, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. Cristian D

    Cristian D Guest

    Hello all,

    I'm looking for a simple way to plot contours from de contour data returned by de "contour" function.

    For example:
    Z = peaks;
    [C,h] = contour(interp2(Z,4));

    I have the contours lines data on variable "C", if I only have the "C" data available, how can I plot the contours again??
    One possible way is to iterate for every line of C and then make a simple plot with each line on the same figure, but in this case all the lines have the same color. Is there any other way of making the contour plot again easyly?

    Cristian D, Mar 27, 2010
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