Include quotes and type "phase coherence" into Google.

Discussion in 'Undergraduate Math' started by fitz, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. fitz

    fitz Guest

    Include quotes and type "phase coherence" into Google.

    Then you will find the fact that I stated about "phase coherence" to
    be at many places in Google.

    It was at the #1 TOP spot, in Google, from Sept./22/2010 . . .
    to . . . Oct./04/2010 (Fitz Finds a fact! - - Phase Coherence is the

    Why did it take top spot in Google?

    Because I found something Einstein tried to find but never did.

    To see it click link:

    Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr. (Fitz)
    fitz, Oct 6, 2010
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