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Discussion in 'Statistics' started by statistician, Nov 24, 2011.

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    The A through Z of Error Free Research.
    A second course in statistics and research design. Four lessons in
    four weeks plus an R quick-start module. Cost $294.

    Analyzing Large Numbers of Variables—Microarrays, EEG's, MRI's fMRI's. This four-week course will show you
    how to analyze data with large numbers of variables most effectively
    and introduce you to the software that can do the job. $294.

    Meta-Analysis Using R. Three lessons in
    three weeks. Combine data from multiple studies. Fixed- effects and
    random-effects meta-analysis models. Identifying publication bias. R
    packages "rmeta" and "meta" will be introduced for the step-by-step
    implementation with "forest" and "funnel" plots. $229 per

    Introduction to R. Three lessons in
    three weeks. R has more functions than any other statistics language,
    plus a world-wide user base. $185.

    Clinical Trial Analysis Using R.
    Three lessons in three weeks. Use R to analyze treatment comparison,
    treatment comparison with covariates, cross-over designs, time-to-
    event endpoints and longitudinal structures. $299 per participant.
    ($259 for each additional person at the same firm, institution or
    government office.)

    Manager's Guide to Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials. Four lessons in four weeks. Begins.
    $295 per participant. ($250 for each additional person at the same
    firm, institution or government office. $250 for those with an
    academic or institutional email address.)

    All courses begin December 16th 2011. Early Bird discount of $35 per
    course if you register for any of the following courses before
    December 7th. .Students, faculty, and research workers at academic
    institutions and the self-employed are eligible for a further $35
    discount per course. Write to obtain this
    statistician, Nov 24, 2011
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