irrational numbers

Discussion in 'General Math' started by kims072, Nov 13, 2005.

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    When in discoursing about an object in its singular way, we resort to
    the math of whole numbers..which doesn't have the measurement of
    breadth or width but relies on identity of the object. Topological
    analysis digresses in the single thing being analysed and as such it
    run upon limits in terms of its ability to demonstrate a rhizome or a
    plurity of essence. Irrational numbers prove to the undefinate nature
    of the physical world. It cannot in terms of pure calculation reach an
    finality. But as Ockam's razor might explain, the digression into
    irrational numbers resolves roughly the exact quotient where the most
    basic microcosm of space undergoes a fluctuation.. and hence through
    this the dice are being rolled and things as such suffer entropy.

    Irrational Numbers (By Seung Kim)
    kims072, Nov 13, 2005
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