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Discussion in 'Numerical Analysis' started by ACD Group, Aug 8, 2003.

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    The Advanced Computation Department (ACD) at the Stanford Linear
    Accelerator Center (SLAC) is currently seeking a computational scientist /
    parallel software engineer. We offer the opportunity to work with
    eigensolvers, particle-in-cell, and time-marching codes for the
    electrodynamic analysis of particle accelerators. For example, current
    capabilities include the modeling of resonant structures via tens of
    millions of degrees of freedom while achieving accuracies of better than 1
    part in 10,000. As part of the Scientific Discovery through Advanced
    Computing (SciDAC, see, we enjoy extensive access to
    the fastest unclassified supercomputer in the United States. Other ongoing
    efforts in computational modeling include thermodynamic analysis of
    structure heating and deformation, optimization studies of beam crossing
    angles, and analysis of the impact of multi-scale seismic disturbances on
    accelerator performance. Furthermore, we offer the opportunity to work in a
    relaxed atmosphere (with an idyllic climate) that has produced several Nobel

    Qualified individuals will hold an advanced degree in a relevant
    discipline and preferably have previous experience in the development of
    high performance software in massively parallel processing environments.
    Particular skills of interest include experience with message passing (e.g.
    MPI), object-oriented software development (in C++ and/or f90), and use of
    public-domain numerical analysis packages (LAPACK, BLAS, etc.). An interest
    in high energy physics would be advantageous. U.S. citizenship or permanent
    resident status is not required. Interested individuals should send a CV
    and letter of interest to . This search will
    close September 15, 2003.
    ACD Group, Aug 8, 2003
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