Knapsack problem-genetic algorithm-I want to do 2 iterations by hand but confused.

Discussion in 'Other Advanced Math' started by shivajikobardan, Feb 18, 2022.

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    Jan 8, 2022
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    Here is a solution, part of which doesn’t make any sense to me-:

    ->Why did we select c3,c1 and c3,c2 for 2nd generation?

    -> why did we select os1,os2,c3,c2 for 3rd generation? (And what the heck is happening here? We are already in 3rd generation when even 2nd one is not complete?

    -> then we mutate. Why are we mutating c1 lol. It doesn’t make any sense. We need to mutate one of the os1,os2,c3 or c2 according to my logic.

    Anyway i have tried solving 2 iterations of it. If you can help me with 2 iterations of this problem, please do so.

    Also test out my 2 iterations of this algorithm. What is right and wrong. I have used 1 point crossover.





    I just want 2 iterations of this and know when to stop and check if I am right or wrong..And understand that first solved example video that I shared above.. this is getting confusing more and more I see it. Is this something where I can do anything randomly and get marks in exam lol...I feel like so looking at it. And the internet. Internet sucks. 1 easy thing then there are 5 lakhs of posts explaining the same thing. 1 hard thing and suddenly there is noone even remotely trying to explain it. Few explanations are there but they are very contradictory to each other.
    shivajikobardan, Feb 18, 2022
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