Machine Science [ Computer Science / Neuroscience / Computer Systems Engineering ]

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    Machine Science [ Computer Science / Neuroscience / Computer Systems
    Engineering ]



    MACHINE: Anything that has movement in space, that is not aware of
    itself. (Not aware of its "act of thinking").

    CPU: An engine (a machine) that does calculations in a space of time.

    SOFTWARE: The instructions / "thought processes" of a machine.


    A CPU in a machine functions as "an engine that processes software"
    This engine (the CPU), that processes software, has to be "SOFTWARE".


    "Moore's Law" does not apply Whereas the CPU is made up of "software",
    a faster CPU
    (faster software) is directly proportional to the CODE's efficiency.


    To achieve a faster CPU, it (the CPU) must do LESS calculations "per
    second", by processing more efficient software (CODE).


    The (physical) Human Body - The Perfect (Organic) Machine The physical
    human body is like a computer and the human heart is like the CPU.

    The thought processes of a human being is like the software being
    processed by a CPU.

    As the thought processes of a human being quickens ("The process of
    becoming "AWARE" of oneself"), the CPU output increases, but the rate
    of calculations in a space of time decreases.


    In any computer system, the secret of a faster computer is not a faster
    CPU, but more efficient software.

    The Algorithm of Organic Machines

    "To Think": The ability or skill to REASON OUT the truth on any matter.
    The thought processes of a human is "REASON", with the possibility to
    comprehend "Truth".

    The thought processes of a machine is "LOGIC", with no possibility of
    comprehension .

    The "Act of thinking" gives birth to ideas.


    Further Definitions of "A Machine"
    What is a machine?

    A machine is any device that can process and / or repeat
    a given set of instructions.

    An "Organic Machine" is a device that processes a given
    set of instructions, wherein the given set of instructions
    processed contain the digit: PI

    Represented as "The Tertiary Numeral System": "1 0 1".


    "1 PI 1"

    Where "1 is not equal to 1"

    An example of an "organic machine" is the human brain.


    Tertiary Numeral System

    The Tertiary Numeral System as defined as any set of CODE written in
    "The Language of Pictures" or Mathematics.

    Mathematics is also known as:

    "The Language of Thought"


    "The Language of The Human Imagination"
    newstips6706, Jan 24, 2007
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  2. newstips6706

    G.E. Ivey Guest

    What exactly do YOU mean by "CPU"? You assert that a machines "CPU" is made up of software which is certainly not true in any definition of CPU I have seen in computers.
    G.E. Ivey, Jan 26, 2007
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