math notation for element-wise square root of vectors and matrices?

Discussion in 'Numerical Analysis' started by Felipe G. Nievinski, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Please let me know if you are you aware of any established practice. I
    don't want to end up having to type ".^(1/2)" in latex, even though
    that's exactly what my matlab code looks like.
    Felipe G. Nievinski, Mar 15, 2011
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  2. Felipe G. Nievinski

    ImageAnalyst Guest

    Is this a question about latex?

    Well, anyway, your MATLAB code doesn't have to look like that. It can
    look like this if you want:
    sqrtOfMyMatrix = sqrt(myMatrix);
    ImageAnalyst, Mar 15, 2011
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  3. Felipe G. Nievinski

    Chip Eastham Guest

    In a math write-up, you'll typically define a function,
    say f:R^N_+ -> R^N_+ where (f(v))_i = sqrt(v_i).

    That is, a function from the positive cone of R^N to
    itself whose component-wise definition is taking the
    square root.

    Then you just refer in your write-up (formulas, etc.)
    to f(v) for suitable vectors v as needed.

    AFAIK this function isn't used frequently enough to
    have a special name or notation, if that's what you're
    asking. But that's very often the case when writing
    math, even if the general topic is a well-known function
    (but you are introducing a novel representation or an
    analysis of an open problem).

    regards, chip
    Chip Eastham, Mar 15, 2011
  4. Felipe G. Nievinski

    Lee Rudolph Guest

    It's not a question about LaTeX, but it can be answered with

    The answer to the question literally asked is, no, I'm not
    aware of any established practice (and I doubt there is one,
    at least for large values of "established"). Even if there
    is (unless, when restricted to the editors, referees, and
    likely readers of the paper being written, there *is* indeed
    a very well established practice, which however has not made
    itself known to me), the original poster ought seriously to
    consider creating--and clearly describing in the text, before
    its first use--an explicit nonce notation for the desired
    concept: for instance, enclosing the (notation for) the
    vector or matrix in large parentheses prefaced by the letters
    "sqrt". That notation (and others achieving the same goal)
    could easily be implemented in LaTeX without having to type
    more than the definition of the appropriate macro, and one
    instance of the macro per use of the notation.

    Lee Rudolph
    Lee Rudolph, Mar 15, 2011
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