MathPuzzle 202: Triangle in square

Discussion in 'General Math' started by Peter Hendriks, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. Good afternoon from rainy Ruurlo,

    The idea for my new puzzle came from Odette De Meulemeester. A triangle in a
    square (at first I had it wrong on my website, with thanks to Aad van de
    Wetering for helping me with the correction). Two questions this time. The
    first one seems rather straightforward. The second one is more complex.
    Nevertheless I hope that the puzzel is to your liking.

    I have closed another puzzle. 197 this time. I hope to close one more puzzle
    today, but other thingss come in the way all the time (such as erroneous
    puzzles, and the Dutch Internet Search Contest).

    Have fun with the puzzle.
    Best regards,

    direct link:

    Please answer by email and not in this newsgroup.
    Peter Hendriks, Nov 8, 2007
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