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Discussion in 'Math Software' started by TahaNadeem, Mar 16, 2021.

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    Mar 16, 2021
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    I am doing a project on the motion of spherical objects through air. It has 3 equations which need to be solved using the ODE solver. The SS of Matlab Code is provided.


    As you can see in the Matlab Code equations have variables that are matrices. When i try to replicate that in SCILAB it gives me error. My SCILAB code is provided below:


    Please Note that the rest of the code is Fine in SCILAB as it works when i change the matrix to a single variable. However just to be sure i have attached the complete SCILAB and Matlab Code. The 3 equations i am trying to solve are:


    Matrix need to be used as equations have the same variable "velocity" with different values in x,y and z directions. All depending on the variable against which we have taken derivative and trying to solve the equation. This is distance the independent variable

    Can Anyone Please Help me

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    TahaNadeem, Mar 16, 2021
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