Mouse scroll wheel only scroll down in help or profiler window

Discussion in 'MATLAB' started by Martin, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Martin

    Martin Guest


    My mouse scroll wheel only scrolls down regardless of the actual scrolling movement on the mouse. This happens in the help or profiler window, but not in the editor, command, command history window.

    Any clue for the cause of this weird behavior?

    Martin, Feb 15, 2011
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  2. Martin

    Jack Two Guest

    Same problem.
    Did you use a microsft mouse with its 'intellipoint' driver installed?
    Go check out this solution.....

    This problem seemed to be with Matlab 2009a , R2010a and R2010b, and it's clearly a bug of Microsoft mouse driver. Because the mouse wheel works fine in other software, and an old logitech mouse scroll well in matlab 2010b/windows7x64.

    Google with other keywords,you will see the wheel scrolling problem happened almost to all microsoft recent mouse with its bug Driver. I really don't understand why Mathworks and Microsoft have NOT fix it in years.
    Jack Two, Mar 29, 2011
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  3. Martin

    Cyril Guest

    It sounds like Matlab doesn't support smooth scrolling.

    To fix this go to "Mouse Properties > Wheel > Identify programs that don't scroll up or down correctly..." and add Matlab to the list.
    Cyril, Oct 6, 2011
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