Multivariable function( 2 dim to 2 dim) set theoretic analysis

Discussion in 'Analysis and Topology' started by deter_gustav01, Oct 20, 2023.

  1. deter_gustav01


    Oct 20, 2023
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    Hi there,

    I have this question below and it is about how to prove that the function is ONTO,
    With sets, which are arbitrary sets U, V, W, Y.

    Let f:U→V and g:W→Y be onto functions.

    Prove that ϕ:U×W→V×Y, defined by ϕ(u,w)=(f(u),g(w)), where
    is an onto function.

    My approach was to say let an element, coordinate pair (v,y) ∈ VxY,
    And since we are given from the beginning that f and g are ONTO,
    that allows one to write that f(u) = v and g(w) = y.

    From this point, I am not certain how to create some
    more algebra, to somehow illustrate that ϕ:U×W→V×Y is an ONTO function.

    Hope someone can provide some insight into this.
    deter_gustav01, Oct 20, 2023
  2. deter_gustav01


    Nov 6, 2021
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    To prove that a function, f:X-> Y, s "ONTO" set Y we must show that for any y in Y, there exist x in X such that f(x)= y.

    In this case if y is in Vx Y then y= (v, y) with v in V and y in Y. Since f: U-> V is "onto" there exist u in U such that f(u)= v. Since g:W-> Y is "onto" there exist w in W such that g(w)= y. Then (u,w) is in UxW such that fxg(u, w)= (f(u), g(w))= (v, y) so f x g is "onto".
    HallsofIvy, Nov 20, 2023
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