New Math Self-study Plan

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by harpazo, Apr 28, 2024.

  1. harpazo


    Apr 24, 2024
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    My New Self-study Plan

    1. Study one topic at a time.

    2. Learn each topic watching video clips on YouTube and then searching my textbooks or online websites for similar problems to work on.

    3. Concentrate on one math concept per week. For example, if I decide to review factoring trinomials, then factoring trinomials will be my only topic to work on for one week. The following week, I dive into a new topic and so forth.

    4. I will only study what math professors on YouTube decided to cover for any given course. It makes ZERO SENSE for me to dive into material not covered by textbook authors, which explains why I ask for help with so many DIFFERENT types of problems not explained in the textbooks.

    5. What do you think about 1 to 4?
    harpazo, Apr 28, 2024
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  2. harpazo


    Nov 28, 2023
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    Sounds like a reasonable plan of action to me. As you know well, it takes a great discipline to study mathematics. Even more so on your own. Good Luck! My only "personal" addition to your "plan", would be to observe everything you study from the lens of philosophy. Currently philosophy, and mathematics are divorced. Yet I do not think that they should be. This is something I am trying to rectify myself. To no avail lol.....

    Best of Luck!
    conway, Apr 29, 2024
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