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Discussion in 'Probability' started by Sam, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. Sam

    Sam Guest


    I have written a "median rank calculator" and would like to compare my
    results to an online data source that is considered accurate and

    The purpose of my calculator is to take times-to-failure and suspended
    datapoints and compute the median ranks so that the median ranks can
    then be fitted to a chosen statistical cumulative distribution
    function (CDF). I'm confident in the data fitting process, so it is
    only the computations of the median ranks that I need to verify.

    Does anyone know of sample data that has been analyzed and is
    available online that I can send through my analysis so that I my
    results and the online results can be compared. The online data sample
    should contain a mix of failures and suspensions for it to be a
    realistic comparison.

    Thanks for any pointers.
    Sam, Sep 18, 2010
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