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    Final announcement:


    2006 Fall Meeting
    Portland State University
    Portland, OR

    Saturday and Sunday, Oct 28 and 19, 2006

    Saturday, October 28

    10:00-11:00 Registration, coffee, etc.
    Attic, 3rd floor, Neuberger Hall

    11:00-12:00 Ian M. Anderson (Utah State University)
    Symbolic Computations in Differential Geometry
    (+15 minute Problem Session)

    12:15-2:00 Lunch

    2:00-3:00 Blaine Lawson (SUNY/Stony Brook)
    Plurisubharmonicity and pseudoconvexity in Lagrangian
    and calibrated geometry
    (+15 minute Problem Session)

    3:15-3:45 Coffee break

    3:45-4:45 Bill Goldman (University of Maryland)
    Mapping class group actions on spaces of surface group
    (+15 minute Problem Session)

    6:30 Dinner

    Sunday, October 29

    9:00-10:00 Alice Chang (Princeton University)
    Boundary regularity of Bach flat metrics
    (+15 minute Problem Session)

    10:15-10:45 Coffee break

    10:45-11:45 Roman Smirnov (Dalhousie University)
    Geometry "à la Cartan" and its applications to
    Hamiltonian mechanics
    (+15 minute Problem Session)

    12:00 Final remarks

    Talks will be held in room NH 364 (3rd floor), Neuberger Hall.


    PNGS meetings are supported by funds from the National Science
    Foundation and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical
    Sciences. Limited travel support is available for participants in
    this meeting. First priority goes to graduate students and faculty
    from the participating universities (Oregon State, U. of Oregon,
    Portland State, Stanford, UBC, U. of Utah, U. of Washington). If
    you are affiliated with one of these universities and are interested
    in travel support, please contact one of the PNGS organizers at your
    university NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 6:

    OSU Christine Escher ()
    Hal Parks ()
    Juha Pohjanpelto ()
    U of O Boris Botvinnik ()
    Peter Gilkey ()
    Jim Isenberg ()
    Stanford Rafe Mazzeo ()
    UBC Jim Carrell ()
    Jingyi Chen ()
    Ailana Fraser ()
    Utah Mladen Bestvina ()
    Nick Korevaar ()
    Nat Smale ()
    Andrejs Treibergs ()
    UW Dan Pollack ()
    Jack Lee ()

    Participants from other universities may be supported if funds are
    available. Travel support is limited to graduate students or faculty
    members who do not have NSF grants that provide travel funds. We
    are particularly interested in providing support to young researchers,
    female mathematicians, and members of underrepresented groups.

    If you are not affiliated with a participating university and
    would like to be considered for travel support, contact Jim
    Isenberg <> as soon as possible.
    For general information about the PNGS, visit the PNGS web site:

    It contains up-to-date information about this meeting,
    travel and lodging information, general information
    about the PNGS, and a historical record of all PNGS meetings
    and speakers.
    For more information about this meeting, contact the

    Serge Preston (, 503-725-3637)
    John M Lee, Sep 22, 2006
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