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Discussion in 'MATLAB' started by Jakob, May 14, 2008.

  1. Jakob

    Jakob Guest

    Hello !
    I'm a newbie at prog. matlab
    I've got a problem regarding calculation with a vector.

    I have a vector with single data, and it have got a
    floating zero-value in the middle of the vector. The first
    data value to the floating zero-point will I reduce by a
    constant. And then from the floating zero-value i will not
    do anything, just keep the data from the vector.

    Any suggestion of how to solve this ??

    I'm really happy, if someone would have some ideas

    Jakob, May 14, 2008
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  2. pos = find(~A) - 1;
    A(1:pos) = A(1:pos) - c;
    Walter Roberson, May 15, 2008
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    Walter Roberson, May 15, 2008
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