predict 43 rd mersenne prime exponent..

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    e.g. ..............
    exp(.4 * 43) = 29 502 925.9
    More about calculator.

    predict 43 rd mersenne prime exponent..
    exp(.4 *43) = 29 502 925.9

    extremely linear trend
    r = correlation coefft = .997.

    ?? log scale??
    43rd KNOWN mersenne prime exponent.
    LOG BASE10 mersenne exponents.

    the actual 43 rd known exponent is 30,402,457.

    M(p) = 2^p -1.

    don.mcdonald nz

    a great achievement is

    divides 1 billion ^ 1 billion +3.

    isprime( (10^9)^(10^9)+3) ?
    confirmed sci.math 2000.

    e.g. 2224 perfect powers not exceeding 2^22.

    SeriCalc4S.. don.

    yes, i have over 40 integer sequences. E I S.

    including in many cases pari code. (ACorn risc-os.)
    search :
    integer sequences
    donald s. mcdonald.
    e.g. click on my profile http at signature below.
    pari is very quite good professional number theory
    sericalc4S is not as sophisticated, with functions
    such as i listed.

    can bill.. factor numbers up to 10^6.
    good, but not remarkable.

    I use pocket computer Sharp PC1500A ?? for that.
    this week casio fx-82 MS schools sci-calc.
    13E6. phone number
    puzzle Einstein SNAP CAPE...............

    or pari 10^80
    or Ubasic freeware. 10^100
    or my prog c241Q etc. 2^52=4E15= 10^15.
    'planet sedna'

    these have much higher limits.
    I verify mersenne primes.
    e.g. millions ... divides 2^ (30 millions+++ etc.)-1.

    I will look for some examples.
    mersenne prime exponent is twin prime. ??...

    Don S. McDonald ... view my profile/ + more articles. [click]
, Jul 19, 2007
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