Reading Hacking's intro to probability & inductive logic

Discussion in 'Probability and Statistics' started by Prosper Lucas, Apr 22, 2023.

  1. Prosper Lucas

    Prosper Lucas

    Apr 22, 2023
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    Hi all. I'm a philosophy student and trying to learn some logic of induction on my own. I have only some rudimentary math and logic skills. I've been reading Hacking's Introduction to Probability and Inductive Logic, and having some difficulties on the 6th chapter , "The Basic Rules of Probablity".

    To begin with, can you explain to me in simple terms how Hacking draws these identities (screenshot). From "Since Pr(A) =..." on... What do I need to know to perform these? Thanks. Hacking__logical consequence.jpg
    Prosper Lucas, Apr 22, 2023
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