Scilabs pdiv gives different result to Matlabs deconv

Discussion in 'Scilab' started by albert stanton, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. Hi,

    I'm converting a Matlab function to Scilab which uses Matlabs deconv
    function, I used Scilabs pdiv function in place of deconv, however I
    get different results. can anyone explain why?

    In Matlab:

    a=[5 23 12 8];
    b=[5 2 7];

    q =

    1.00000 4.20000

    rem =

    0.00000 0.00000 -0.34000 -2.14000

    In Scilab:



    1.3877551 + 1.1428571z

    rem =

    - 1.9387755 + 14.510204z

    best regards

    albert stanton, Sep 10, 2004
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  2. I realise now that polynomials in Matlab are in descending order and
    ascending order in Scilab.

    Anyway, Scilab 3.0 is great.

    Best regards

    albert stanton, Sep 11, 2004
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