Solid Geometry : The Fundamentals and Beyond

Discussion in 'General Math' started by maytersft, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. maytersft

    maytersft Guest

    Interactive Computer Graphics and Computer-Aided Geometric
    Design(CAGD)rely upon Geometry(Plane/2D and Solid/3d)
    for implementation.

    Therefore, a student wishing to major in one of those
    subjects needs a firm understanding of the fundamentals
    of Solid Geometry while Planar/2D Geometry is generally
    assumed to have been covered at the high school level.

    Most books tend to neglect 3D Geometry rather focussing
    on Lines, Planes etc etc.

    What would be a good set of books that cover the Geometry
    of Three Dimensions while also providing some material on
    the transition from 2D Geometry with a focus on :

    i) The visual aspect of Solid Geometry.
    (most texts tend to restrict themselves to
    "solving equations")

    ii) Exploratory Examples(as opposed to Exercises
    without solutions!)

    iii) Formal proof and thought.

    iv) Pointers to further study instead of
    greedy/hurried amalgamation of
    "all concepts in one" book.
    maytersft, Apr 18, 2005
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