Structural Similarity (SSIM) - Test the score.

Discussion in 'MATLAB' started by Rodrigo Zanatta Silva, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Hi, I have a paper to write.

    Now i have no time and no knowledge (and even the mathlab) to do this. So I really need a good soul to help me.

    Do you know the SSIM index? It's a great method to compute the quality of an image. It's a very easy formula, but very strong way. The article have more than 1.800 citation, so it's good thing. See their page for more things:

    What I need is test to know if the three C++ algorith are working. If you see the "einstein" image in the scientist page, you will see that it have the MSE and SSIM score. All 3 algorithm that i use result in the same value.

    But when I used another images, I have 2 different values. So, what is the correct? I don't know, and the most effective way to know this is running the original algorithm. It are in

    So, can someone do this for me? Run the matlab algorithm and give-me back the result score. In my file have the result that i do in C++.

    You have to run
    SSIM(einstein, einstein) = 1
    SSIM(einstein, blur) = 0.694 and etc (like in the site, will have the same value).
    So you can run with my images, the correct way is only:
    SSIM(name.bmp, mod_name.bmp)
    the "name.bmp" is the original file, and all <mod_>name.bmp is their respective modifiable image.

    The image file are there:

    Rodrigo Zanatta Silva, Jan 18, 2011
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  2. Hi Rodrigo,

    I was faced to the same problem few months ago. Since you are using Matlab, why do you use C++? One of the code has an anonymous developer!

    If you have a paper to write, you should use reproducible code. The Java class is very well written and can be used as a plugin for ImageJ. It allows you to compare SSIM with some other measures (SSIM is a global index). Moreover, it is well documented.

    Don't expect a testbench for SSIM on this newsgroup.


    Nicolas Cusseau, Jan 18, 2011
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