Submitted papers for the Conference: 489. Accepted papers: 158. Fromthem 6 BEST papers are also acce

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    STATISTICS in the WSEAS Conferences:
    A representative example from the conference in Istanbul

    Submitted papers for the Conference: 489
    Accepted papers: 158
    From them 6 papers are also accepted to the WSEAS journals
    See the following message

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Metin Demiralp" <>
    To: "Prof. Dr. Nikos Mastorakis" <>; "Prof. Dr. Nikos E.
    Mastorakis" <>
    Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 4:32 AM
    Subject: WSEAS (Istanbul Manuscripts)

    Dear Prof. Mastorakis

    Tonight I have not slept, hence, possibly I may be absent
    minded. I present the decisions and explanations about Istanbul
    manuscripts. After this e-mail, I am going to send manuscripts'
    PDF files. Last evening I urged all referees by phone and I re-
    ceived their opinions. As I said on the phone,zimedecisions
    were sent to me and now it is complete. I also get together
    Review Committee members (I, Baki, Alper and three more
    scientists. After that I prepared the following lines.

    There were 33 submitted manuscripts (selected after the
    conference out of 158 papers from the WSEAS Conference in Istanbul),
    only 6 of them have been accepted. You can see the recent status in
    the following lines. They are marked by stars.

    I will send PDF files of the manuscripts in separate mails
    becuase of their sizes.

    This afternoon or evening I will write more e-mail. Please
    do inform me if you need something to be done by me.

    Best Regards.

    Full Member of the Turkish Academy of Sciences
    also with the Informatics Institute,
    Istanbul Technical University, TURKEY
    Editor-in-Chief of WSEAS Transactions on Mathematics
    Chairman of the WSEAS Conferences AEE'07, MINO'07 and ACMOS'07 in

    PAPER 1:
    Title: Derivation and Validation of Seismic and Resistivity Data
    in Fractured Media

    Authors: Nam H. Tran, Amna Ali, Abdul Ravoof and Nam Nguyen

    PAPER 2:
    Title: Incomplete Data Supervisor Control for Electroless Nickel

    Authors: Robert Tenno, Kalle Kantola, Ander Tenno

    PAPER 3:
    Title: Accurate and Efficient Numerical Solution for Trans-Critical
    Steady Flow in a Channel with Variable Geometry

    Authors: Saeed-Reza, Sabbagh-Yazdi, Behzad Saeedifard, Nikos

    PAPER 4:
    Title: Improvement in the Mutual Inductance Calculation
    Between Coaxial Circular Coils of Rectangular Cross
    Section and Thin Coaxial Circular Coils with Constant
    Current Density in Air

    Authors: Cevdet Akyel and Slobodan I. Babic

    PAPER 5:
    Title: A Sliding Mode Control Approach For Inverse Response

    Authors: Oscar Camacho, Ruben Rojas, Winston Garcia-Gabin,
    Ramon O. Caceres, Delfina Padilla

    PAPER 6:

    Title: An Indirect Adaptive Fuzzy Power System Stabilizer
    for a Multi-machine Power System

    Authors: T. Hussein, A. L. Elshafei, A. Bahgat


    You can download our books (free PDF on-line)

    Please, download our Books (John Sakellaris, Serban Vlaud, Nikos
    Mastorakis, Olga Martin)

    from the site: or

    Our Books are Free and available for everybody. If you find them
    useful, send an email to:
    prof.t.mihail (AT)

    1) Eddy Currents Modelling in Thin Layers, by John Sakellaris
    (Published by WSEAS).
    Also available in Hard-Copy

    2) Asynchronous Systems Theory, by Serban E. Vlad (Published by

    3) Finite Elements, by Nikos Mastorakis, Olga Martin (Published by


    The following books are also recommended for your study also:
    More details: or

    4) Wavelets, by RONALD A. DeVORE and BRADLEY J. LUCIER (Link to the
    authors' web site)

    5) Fuchsian Singularities of Linear Ordinary Differential Equations
    Banach Algebras, by Gerald Albrecht (Link to the authors' web site)

    6) Non-Linear Analysis and Differential Equations. An Introduction,
    Klaus Schmitt and Russell C. Thompson (Link to the authors' web site)

    7) Parameter Estimation for Differential Equations: A Generalized
    Smoothing Approach, by J. O. Ramsay, G. Hooker, D. Campbell and J.
    (Link to the authors' web site)

    8) Ordinary Differential Equations - Lectures Notes, by Eugen J.
    Ionascu (Textbook for undergraduate students) (Link to the authors'
    web site)

    9) Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics, by William
    W. Symes (Link to the authors' web site)

    10) Wavelets for Computer graphics: A Primer, by Eric J. Stollnitz,
    Tony D. DeRose, and David H. Salesin (Link to the authors' web site)

    11) Optimal Prediction for Hamiltonian Partial Differential
    Equations1, by Alexandre J. Chorin, Raz Kupferman, and Doron Levy
    (Link to the authors' web site)

    12) The differential equation method for random graph processes and
    greedy algorithms, by N.C.Wormald (Link to the authors' web site)

    13) Delay differential equations driven by L/evy processes:
    stationarity and Feller properties, by Markus Rei?, Markus Riedle,
    Onno van Gaans (Link to the authors' web site)

    14) BDF Methods for Large-Scale Differential Riccati Equations?, by
    Peter Benner and Hermann Mena (Link to the authors' web site)

    15) Partial Differential Equations of Applied Mathematics, by D.H.
    Sattinger (Link to the authors' web site)

    16) Solving Systems of Di erential Equations of Addition, by (Link to
    the authors' web site)

    17) Stochastic Differential Equations with Jumps, by Richard F. Bass
    (Link to the authors' web site)
    shuchen., Nov 29, 2007
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