Unsolved 3-dim Unitary Matrix Problem -- special decomposition: U= D1 O1 X O2 D2? with Diagonals, U

Discussion in 'Math Research' started by Heather Meadows, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. Denote U a 3-dimensional Unitary Matrix over the complex numbers.
    Denote D1 and D2 as two 3-dimensional matrixes that are diagonal and
    whose entries are of complex norm one.
    Denote O1 and O2 as two 3-dimensional orthogonal matrices i.e. real
    entries only.
    Denote X as the diagonal matrix with diagonal entries (1, i, i) where
    i is the imaginary unit.

    Given any U, can it always written in the form U = D1 O1 X O2 D2?

    There are no assumed relationships between the entries of D1, O1, O2,
    and D2 they can be totally unrelated numbers. I.e. O2 need not have
    any relation to O1 or its transpose or inverse or angles, etc.. Nor
    need the entries of D2 in anyway relate to those of D1.

    Let Y = the diagonal matrix with diagonal matrix entries (1,1,z).
    Given U, I can always write it in the form D1 O1 Y O2 D2 where z has
    complex norm one; but I can't figure out if there is another
    decomposition of the desired form above; with totally different
    matrices D1, O1, O2, D2.
    Heather Meadows, Aug 20, 2011
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