Updated roll-yer-own ATLAS instructions and .dlls

Discussion in 'MATLAB' started by Kevin K Sheppard, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. For those of you who use windows and are concerned with performance
    on Matlab w.r.t. certain common matrix operations (specifically the
    common dgemm and zgemm), I have updated my page with correct
    instructions on how to make a customized library.

    This is strongly recommended if you have a Pentium-M (Centrino
    processor) or an Opteron or Athlon64 (massive gains possible for
    these two). However, other platforms, namely Pentium4's can gain
    substantially over the stock TMW provided atlases.

    I have also built some for both 6.0/6.1 and 6.5/6.5.1 for all of the
    machines I have access to. Unfortunately this doesn't include any
    Centrinos or AMD64 processors.

    You can find details at:



    Also, if you do have a centrino or Opteron/AthlonFX/Athlon64 and con
    build the libraries, I'd be happy to post them for others to use. If
    you are willing to do this, just zip the .a files created by Atlas in
    Kevin K Sheppard, Jan 23, 2004
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