Varying Quantities of Zero

Discussion in 'Other Advanced Math' started by conway, Dec 22, 2023.

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    Nov 28, 2023
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    I think that it would be useful for mathematicians to implement "varying quantities of zero".

    First: It would be an accurate description of reality. Such as two empty glasses before me. But of varying size. Both can be said to have zero quantities of substance (barring air), and varying quantities of zero substance. One glass, has more zero, then the other.

    This then assumes that zero by definition, should be an "empty" dimension. Of which is relative to the post "The Unified Number".

    Secondly: It would be useful in merging quantum mechanics, and classical physics. Consider black holes. Philosophically speaking, an "infinitely small dimension", "filled or not filled" is identical to a zero dimension. Such as a zero on a number line. The dimension of zero, is infinitely smaller than the dimension of the number 1.

    This then assumes, that a point on a number line is not dimensionless. It is only a dimension to small to be measured, or perceived from our own dimension. Such as the center of a black hole.

    Thirdly: It could potentially help with a continuum theory. Stating something to the effect of: "After so many quantities of zero are counted, a change in dimension occurs. Of which a return to infinite numbers is achieved. " So that after a large enough count of infinite numbers is achieved, a dimension change occurs, of which a return to "the varying quantities of zero" is achieved.

    Lastly consider. No where in existence is there the "absence of dimension". So at the least....points on a number line cannot be dimensionless.
    conway, Dec 22, 2023
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