Which 2 exams should I skip for best optimization for learning?

Discussion in 'Other Advanced Math' started by shivajikobardan, Feb 22, 2022.

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    Jan 8, 2022
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    So I messed up in a tactical move. I was studying artificial intelligence for my backlog exam(exam that I failed also called supplementary exam, re-exam, retaking exam).

    That was so huge and due to lots of other reasons (I don't want to sound whining so not mentioning them), I am here. I have accepted my state.

    Now I need to optimize this problem. Select 2 exams that you skip and study the rest.

    The circled ones are the dates in which my exams will occur. I have 20 days for exam. Leaving 3 days for revising first subject.

    I have explained about how my exams will be hard, easy, long, short content etc.

    I need to choose a best decision for myself and select the 2 subjects to skip so that I can achieve maximum learning. This is my last exam of engineering. After that I am graduating so I will have lots of free time in hand to study, consider that as well.

    Any guidance on what exams should I skip?
    shivajikobardan, Feb 22, 2022
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