Which statistical area should one pursue from the point of view of

Discussion in 'Scientific Statistics Math' started by elodie, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. elodie

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    I would need to get some advice on the following question:

    Which statistical area should one pursue if one wants to maximize
    their chances of getting a job at the MS Stat or PhD Stat level?

    Bioinformatics (eg the analysis of microarray data). By this I mean
    the statistics side of biology, not those areas that are for true
    biologists. This is a very hot area for research, but it is not clear
    if statisticians have a real role to play, since it requires a lot of
    knowledge in biology. Besides this area looks like a no-no for MS

    Sampling (estimation of prevalence (Ns), means, proportions, ...). At
    first blush, survey looks like a good area for jobs. But an internet
    job search for survey, and sampling did not reveal that there are
    (many) positions for survey/sampling specialists. I read that some
    companies hire those who know how to analyze census data, but I have
    not seen ads for those jobs. I suppose that I should be searching for
    market analyst postings instead.

    It is quite clear from job searches that there are a lot of jobs for
    those with SAS and data management skills, but fewer jobs for well-
    trained or specialized statisticians.
    elodie, Jan 12, 2011
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