why is mma becoming so much more popular than maple? academic and industry look

Discussion in 'Maple' started by steve_H, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. steve_H

    steve_H Guest

    Many here consider maple to be a 'better' system than mma when it comes
    to doing math. I am surprised to notice through talking to schools
    and teachers and reading and news, that mma is much more popular
    these days than maple.

    A number of school physics departments I looked at uses mma now for
    doing howeworks and projects. At our local school bookstore, one
    single copy of maple 9 have been sitting on the shelf for few months,
    while the sales person tells me they had to re-order many dozens of
    mma during the same time. (mma is a requirement for use at few courses),
    while maple is hardly known.

    I did a search on job sites for mma and maple, and I have found
    a number of jobs asking for mma, and only one asking for maple (and
    hundreds asking for matlab btw).

    There seems to be many more books on mma compared to maple,
    and many more new books are published on mma than on maple.

    I have played with mma and maple for a little bit of time, and I find maple
    to be a better system for doing real math, but mma seems to be a better
    build system and more solid interface. So, mma looks better on the
    outside, but maple seems better on the inside.

    mma seems better at some things (functional programming, pattern matching),
    and has much better documentation than maple (there is not even an
    official document from maplesoft on their web site that lists all
    the maple functions), but maple is better at other things. Overall,
    I still find to still be the better system with all its current problems.

    For example, maple have a 'set' data type, a very basic data type in
    mathematics, yet mma does not even have this data type build-in !

    So, given that many think maple is better, why is it that mma is taking
    over? could maple survive commercially at this rate? is maple
    marketing to blame? does maple needs better engineering to take care of
    its 'usability' problems? Is this a beta vs. vhs all over again?
    We all know that beta was the better system, but it died and VHS won.

    I hope maplesoft does a much better job in producing version 10 of
    maple. They need to much improve: documentation, user interface,
    debugging tools and performance among others to compete with mma, becuase
    I think that might be the last chance.
    steve_H, Dec 28, 2003
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  2. steve_H

    Ronald Bruck Guest

    Perhaps because the price of Maple keeps going up and up?

    My department now spends as much on maintaining our Maple license as
    our Mathematic license.

    --Ron Bruck
    Ronald Bruck, Dec 28, 2003
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  3. In all my years of work, I've never been in a department having such a
    license! How does one go about obtaining a mathematic license, either for
    a department or an individual? Now that I'm retired from teaching, is it
    illegal for me to continue to practice mathematics without having such a
    license? ;-)

    David W. Cantrell, Dec 28, 2003
  4. steve_H

    Ronald Bruck Guest

    No, no, you can practice mathematicS. But it requires a certified
    state-of-california mathematic license to practice the singular--in the
    state of california :)

    The "a" on my keyboard sometimes sticks.

    --Ron Bruck
    Ronald Bruck, Dec 29, 2003
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