Why is my solution wrong?

Discussion in 'Algebra' started by user1234, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. user1234

    user1234 Guest

    I am trying to solve the following algebra question but I don’t understand why my solution is wrong.

    Kesha drove from Buffalo to Syracuse at an average rate of 48 miles per hour. On the
    return trip along the same road she was able to travel at an average rate of 60 miles per
    hour. The trip from Buffalo to Syracuse took one-half hour longer than the return trip. How
    long did the return trip take?

    Here is my solution.

    60x = 48x + 0.5
    12x = 0.5
    12/0.5 = 24

    The correct answer is 2 but how?
    user1234, Aug 18, 2019
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