Why MGS is reluctant?

Discussion in 'Math Research' started by bestcorean, May 9, 2007.

  1. bestcorean

    bestcorean Guest

    In fact,
    For LS problems, we usually use Givens rotations or Householder
    reflection rather than Gram-Schmidt method for VLSI implementation in
    QRD. As far as I know, the flop counts of those are almost the same.
    And the rotations and reflection in the usual method needs more large
    hardware as CORDIC rather than the simple multiplications and
    accumulation in Gram-Schmidt method. Of course, the normalization in
    Gram-Schmidt method has problems. But this can be solved with
    workarounds such as Look-up-tables.

    And mathematical stability of these has no problem, using modified
    version of this or reorthogonalization technique.

    In spite of these, every hardware guys ever likes Systolic arrays
    based on rotations and reflections.

    bestcorean, May 9, 2007
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