Workshop on Algebraic K-theory 2004, Montréal

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    Workshop on Algebraic K-theory 2004
    Centre de Recherches Mathématiques
    Montréal, (Québec) Canada
    October 2 - 6, 2004

    The topics to be covered at this meeting include the most recent
    developments in algebraic K-theory and the closely allied areas of
    motivic homotopy theory, algebraic cycles, and motivic cohomology
    theory, along with applications in other areas of Mathematics.

    The following mathematicians have agreed to speak:

    Paul Balmer (ETH, Zurich)
    Spencer Bloch (Chicago)
    David Burns (King's College, London)
    Gunnar Carlsson (Stanford)
    Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène (Paris Sud)
    Thomas Geisser (USC)
    Alexander Goncharov (Brown)
    Max Karoubi (Paris VII)
    Marc Levine (Northeastern)
    Ib Madsen (Aarhus)
    Alexander Merkurjev (UCLA)
    Fabien Morel (Paris VII)
    Markus Rost (Bielefeld)
    R. Sujatha (Tata Institute)
    Andrei Suslin (Northwestern)
    Burt Totaro (Cambridge)
    Vladimir Voevodsky (IAS)
    Mark Walker (Nebraska)

    Eric Friedlander, Northwestern University
    Dan Grayson, University of Illinois
    Rick Jardine, University of Western Ontario
    Manfred Kolster, McMaster University

    Financial support:

    Deadline: August 1st, 2004

    Students and junior researchers wishing to apply for financial

    The conference is generously funded by the Centre de Recherches
    Mathématiques (CRM) of the Université de Montréal and by the
    National Science Foundation (NSF) via a grant (NSF DMS 03-03519).

    For US-based mathematicians and students: see below.

    For everybody else: contact Rick Jardine <>

    Details about financial support for US-based mathematicians and

    At least half of the funds made available by the NSF grant,
    administered by Friedlander and Grayson, must go to US-based
    graduate students, junior faculty, underrepresented groups and/or
    otherwise unsupported individuals, so we are eager to receive
    applications for financial support from such individuals.

    To apply for support, please send email to Dan Grayson
    <>, estimating your expenses and stating what
    other monetary support is potentially available to you. Please
    include references to publications and/or solicit a brief email
    letter of reference from an advisor or mentor. US-based graduate
    students are especially encouraged to apply. For full
    consideration please submit your application by August 1, 2004, as
    decisions will be made shortly after. If you miss the deadline,
    don't hesitate to apply after that date, for there may be
    cancellations or not enough applications.

    Housing and travel information and an online registration form are
    available at the CRM conference web site:
    Dan Grayson, Jul 2, 2004
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