Workshop on Symplectic Field Theory

Discussion in 'Math Research' started by RSaenz, Sep 9, 2006.

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    Workshop on Symplectic Field Theory
    January 3-7, 2007

    The Facultad de Ciencias of the Universidad de Colima will hold its
    first Workshop in Geometry. The topic of this workshop is Symplectic
    Field Theory. This is to be part of a series of annual workshops with
    the purpose of promoting the development of new areas of geometry in

    Invited Speakers:

    * Kai Cieliebak (Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich)
    * Tobias Ekholm (University of Southern California, Los Angeles)
    * Yakov Eliashberg (Stanford University, Stanford)
    * John Etnyre (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta)
    * Dusa McDuff (State University of New York, Stony Brook)
    * Klaus Mohnke (Humboldt University, Berlin)

    Limited funding for graduate students will be available.

    More information:
    RSaenz, Sep 9, 2006
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