X = A\B doesn't solve AX = B ?

Discussion in 'MATLAB' started by Matthias Stock, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. Hello,
    is someone able to find the problem in following lines?
    My problem is that the h1 = h, but h2 not :-(
    I want to have h2 = h although adding noise (stoep = ytoep + noise).

    But the h2 is a singular value, why? How can I change the code to get
    h2 = h (about solving equation).

    Thanks for any hint!

    By copying following lines in your CommandWindow, you will see
    that h2 ~=h

    *******COPY IN COMMAND WINDOW*******BEGIN******
    % here are the values to run the simulation

    % building a toeplitz-matrix to solve system of equation

    r=x1(q:-1:1) % q values of h, which have to be computed
    c=x1(q:1:p+q-1) % q unknown values, that's why i need at least q
    % p values because of cyclic convolution
    xtoep=toeplitz(c,r) % Toeplitz-Matrix
    ytoep=xtoep*h % "cyclic-convolution" xtoep and h

    stoep=(0.1*randn(p,1))+ytoep % add noise

    h1=xtoep\ytoep % computing the q values of h
    h2=stoep\ytoep % computing the q values of h with the added
    % _here's the problem_, the noise is
    probably reason for
    % computing a wrong h2

    h % h, to compare it with h1 and h2
    *******COPY IN COMMAND WINDOW*******END******
    Matthias Stock, Mar 1, 2004
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