Factoring Polynomials

Discussion in 'Basic Math' started by TheOAP, Jan 10, 2020.

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    Jan 10, 2020
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    If possible could Alan answer this as we're similar in age (84)!

    I was first an electronics eng. then a programmer.
    Loved both occupations but programming was tops!
    Stil writing progs. - math orientated

    [1] I'm bothered when reading some Math books etc.
    Some say that for a polynomial of degree N there are N roots
    but I've some that have no roots.
    [2] Written a program - Polynomials - that (tries) to determine factors.
    After the standard methods have been used (including Synthetic Division) I run
    a procedure DeepScan:
    2 equations (both the same) are "fed" with different values of the independent variable 'x'
    The "feeds" are stepped by (at first) 1/1000000 and if the 2 equations give a "crossover"
    they are stored. When this process is complete 2 at a time of the stored values
    are extracted and run with 'x' values of 1/1000000000000 !
    My problem is to determine the range that 'x' should be set to.

    EG. 185x^7 + x^5 - 3x2 - 29
    the scan range would be +/- 185 ...

    TheOAP, Jan 10, 2020
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